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Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VA/VE)

7 Programs for Maximizing Product Features at the Lowest Cost

Value Analysis

Infastech®’s VA/VE is a cross-functional, highly creative, systematic approach in which cross-disciplined Infastech® engineers interact directly with your team to help you eliminate or prevent unnecessary costs. However, Infastech® VA/VE means much more than cost reduction. Infastech® VA/VE engineers work directly with your team to effect changes that while reducing overall costs will improve the process efficiency and/or product quality. Infastech® offers seven distinct VA/VE programs to help you realize the highest value for your product.

VA/VE = Function ÷ Cost

  1. Value Engineering collage

    Product Assembly Map

    The Infastech® Product Assembly Map program engages a cross-functional, cross-disciplined team to review your finished product through disassembly and breakdown of individual sub-components to help us determine our capacity to supply you with the best fastening solutions.

  2. Product Teardown

    The Infastech® product teardowns/disassemblies are conducted to help you reduce your overall costs through product disassemblies. The teardowns target design changes that reduce overall product cost or improve product quality, while increasing process efficiency.

  3. Line Review

    The Infastech® VA/VE team conducts a thorough review of your assembly line with the objective of increasing value by reducing assembly costs through part or process changes and at the same time increasing your product quality.

  4. Line Touch

    An Infastech® engineer focuses on a single application or station on your assembly line to solve a single problem with a limited scope.

  5. Cost Reduction

    An Infastech® engineer focuses on optimizing part design and reducing the manufacturing cost of a part to help you meet your price reduction targets.

  6. Benchmarking

    An Infastech® team reviews similar products from multiple companies to determine our ability to supply you with the best solutions.

  7. Fastener Consolidation Program

    The Infastech® team reviews and filters all of your fasteners for commonization and consolidation into like products. This program simplifies your bill structure and part management costs and reduces your total purchased cost.

Detail Programs for Achieving High Value Products