Thread Rolling Screws and Bolts

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Taptite - wide
Taptite - small

TAPTITE® thread rolling screws form threads in drilled, punched or cored holes in ductile metals and castings.
TAPTITE® fasteners roll-form threads as they are driven, eliminating expensive tapping operations. The TAPTITE® fastener's unique tri-lobular configuration provides a built-in locking device to help ensure joint integrity. Consequently, resistance to vibration loosening is improved without add-on locking devices.


  • Trilobular™ Configuration
  • Consistent Thread Profile
  • Roll Forms Own Work-hardened Mating Threads
  • Available with TORX Plus® Drive System


  • Overcomes friction build-up
  • Resists loosening caused by vibration
  • Lower drive torque
  • Improves product consistency
  • Formed thread cann accept metric fastener